Tinkering away

With the large number of visitors, members and social drinkers passing through the club these days a lot of handyman jobs pop up. And this is where ABYC’s merry band of Tinkers come into the picture.

The tinkers are a group of retired technical orientated blokes (Neville Ross, Dave Nash, Nic Ehbel, Warwick Owen and Robbie Gwynn – the foreman) who have the urge to ‘Give Something Back’ to sailing. They do this by tackling small to medium sized maintenance jobs around the club (thus saving money by not having a contractor called in). This merry band report into the House Committe and Club Manager.

Now maybe we can right what Sailing Commodore, John Tudehope said recently; “It is the likes of the Tinkers them that keep our Club ‘all-things-sailing/nautical’, unfortunately their good deeds are unknown to many of our members.”

Some of the projects tackled recently by the Tinkers include: The Knot table, Dwyer Wind Meter, Chartroom toilet repairs, Men’s toilet repairs, tidying up of computer cables in bar, fitting of handbag hooks, relocating of barometer and rebuilding of kitchen washing up sink and cupboard.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have a huge love of rum to join the Tinkers – just a bit of time, a sense of humour and the ability to look like you know what you are doing when a screwdriver is placed in your hand.

If you would like to offer any assistance to the Tinkers then chat to Warwick Owen – warwick[at]isat.co.za – or Robbie Gwynn.

The Tinkers

Standing top row: Nev Ross and Warwick Owen. Sitting: Dave Nash, Robbie Gwynn and Nic Ehbel.